If you are traveling for business or for pleasure, let us care for your dog in an environment that he or she is familiar with, and what better place than in their own home. Daily walks, exercise and play time will allow your dog to continue his or her normal routine until your return home. At a kennel your dog will have to adjust to a new place, smells, sounds, and routine. Why make your absence even more stressful for your dog.

Vacation pet-sitting

Perfect for the busy working family, or for the beginning stages of potty training. If you work long hours and don't have time to come home and give your dog a potty break, or the exercise he or she needs let a coaching 4paws professional give your dog the exercise he or she needs.

   Daily walk       Available 7 days a weeks

Our visits are tailored to each clients needs and wants. We want you and your dog to feel comfortable.

We are more then happy to send photos, text messages and or emails during each visit.

Don't leave your dog with just anyone, let us come to your home where your dog is the most comfortable and offer you and your dog a stress free experience.

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